Kingdom blessings thank you for your interest in our faith based inspirational magazine The Love Nest. Our magazine is a quarterly magazine that's released during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. This magazine was inspired by our love for people. The Love Nest which was birth to heal and restore, releasing the truth and wisdom of God through kingdom talk centered around relationships, marriage, ministry, business and family. We want others to experience love in 3D from the height, width and depth of God's love for them. We feature couples that are married and operate in ministry or in the market place together, love stories, testimonies/tell your story, tips on relationships, mental health, an a variety of other great information. We also feature single women and men in ministry, and those that are kingdomprenuers, working both in the marketplace and ministry, authors, lawyers, doctors, ect. and couples that are doing extraordinary things, making moves and shaking up the earth but are not necessarily noticed by man or maybe no one has ever heard of them or know about the phenomenal things that they are doing. You can also place an ad in our magazine to feature your products, your business, upcoming events, or ministry. You can also be featured on our website in our United As One highlighting Kingdom Marriages to get media exposure to highlight your marriage, business and or ministry. It is our vision to LIFTHer, LIFTTHim and LIFTThem in this global movement through ANNGI on a global scale so others will know about the great works being done through you.

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